April 26, 2017

Website Migration

SEO for website migrationsWhat Is A Website Migration?

Moving from one domain to another, adjusting templates, changing URL structure and other core site elements have incredible impact on organic search. Will your new URLs be properly indexed by search engines after your site hierarchy changes? Will your keyword terms carry over to the new page content and layout? Website migrations are necessary as users come to expect consistent improved online experiences, and that often means a new site. But don’t fall into the trap of focusing on design and losing site of organic search. Oni can help you have a smoother website transition while retaining organic wins throughout the process.

What to Expect From Website Migration Services

Relaunching a website doesn’t have to mean a loss in traffic, keyword rank or conversions. Oni will help you navigate the many moving parts of a site migration to ensure you’re on top of elements that impact your local search pre- and post-launch.

Reduced to No Loss In Keyword Rank
Understanding your pre-launch keyword mix and enacting strategies that retain important keyword term rank is integral to post-launch success of a website.
Website Mapping Assistance
Oni can provide full 301 redirect mapping for all URLs and files to ensure no content is left behind during site transitions.
Retention of Indexed Pages
When moving sites old pages may not carry over, but that doesn’t mean you need ot lose that traffic or return not-found pages. Oni can help you retain visitors to old pages and place them on the appropriate new versions.
Mitigated to No Loss In Organic Traffic
When done properly, there’s a good chance that no organic traffic loss should be seen after site migrations or template rebuilds. Oni can help you navigate through the process for a successful site launch.
Baseline and Ongoing Reporting
Without taking the time to gather baseline metrics, you’ll never know whether your site migration was successful or a failure. Oni gathers data pre-launch and compares it to post site launch metrics to ensure your efforts pay off organically. Before-launch metrics also help identify areas of need prior to launch to make sure you retain your successful organic footprint.
Post-Launch Audits to Assure Smooth Transition
Website transitions can be huge undertaking. Even small sites can have a lot of moving parts, and ensuring that a post-launch website is functioning well is important to sustained success with a new website or hierarchical URL structure.

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