April 26, 2017

Website Analytics

Website analtyics and tracking with Oni Digital MarketingWhat Are Web Analytics?

True success is measurable. Oni Digital Marketing implements tracking software and monitors and annotates for success. Using observable data points, we ensure our strategies are working and are transparent on returning results. Track traffic and goals that matter along all channels and funnels.

What to Expect From Website Analytics for SEO

It’s your data, we just manage and curate it for you. You’ll have access to tracking tools for insightful information. Oni will monitor your data to ensure strategies are working and inform you of insights helpful to your business. With Oni, raw data is turned into actionable insights that are important to your business.

Increased Business Insights
Digital analytics give you insight into your business. Too many companies are just barely delving into their data. In digital, everything is able to be tracked. And if you don’t have full access into your data, your missing out on invaluable information that could be holding your business back from continued success.
Improved Goal Tracking
There’s more to business than the final sale. Not everyone who walks into your store or visits you online is ready to buy. You need to ensure you have goals in place to help visitors along the sales cycle. Oni can set up and track micro conversions to allow you a deeper look into your customers’ actions and needs.
Multi-Channel Insights
Beyond organic as a last touch conversion, how are your visitors getting to your site and what channels are they using and in what order before they make a purchase? Oni can help you find this insight and invest your online marketing dollars more effectively.

How Oni Utilizes Web Analytics

We look to see what works by ensuring tracking is properly implemented and tracking the right areas and goals. We’ll look beyond traffic and find insights beyond the basics to ensure you have full insight into what users are doing on your website.

  • Set up tracking via Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics or whatever other tracking software you prefer in providing insights
  • Define goals for review, whether it’s strategic downloads, page visits, lead generation or final point of sales
  • Tie in web tracking with your CRM to identify full sales cycle information.
  • Give full access to the website owner. It’s your data, after all.
  • Provide actionable insights in any anomalies or improvements in web performance to ensure reproduction and improvement of results.

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