April 26, 2017

Technical SEO

What Is Technical SEO?Technical SEO company Oni Digital Marketing

Today’s SEO is more than the written word. With search algorithms becoming more sophisticated and web technology becoming more fractured with options, websites that want to rank and convert in today’s world need to have a technologically sound site, both in development and in specific technical elements that directly impact site rank in search results.

What to Expect From Technical SEO Strategies

We at Oni love technical SEO. We find sites that have a solid tech foundation are better suited for success than their competitors. The line between coded SEO efforts and website development is blurring, and at Oni we’re well positioned to make sure your developer didn’t take any shortcuts that could hurt you in organic search success. Here’s some of what you can expect from a solid, technically sound website’s organic search performance:

Increased Leads and Form Fills
Search engines reward technically sound sites with higher visitbility to target audiences. These better-matched users are more likely to engage with your business, and provide leads and sales.
Improved Website Conversion Rate
As more targeted users find your site, more conversions follow. Sites that aren’t technically solid often find important pieces of content providing zero value to a company’s bottom line. Oni fixes that.
Increased Quality Site Traffic
Too often quality content is obscured because of technological obstacles to search. Increase the quality of your site traffic by unlocking your search potential hidden behind bad development.
Increased Organic Traffic
A faster, more technologically optimized site is more easily indexed and returned by search engines. With improved access to your site by bots comes the promise of increased organic traffic.
Improved Keyword Rank
Don’t let Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine get bogged down with trying to navigate the bad technical implementations of your site and let these bots and search engines focus on indexing your results for increase keyword rank and volume.

What Oni Does to Implement Technical SEO Elements

The list of technical SEO best practices continues to grow as websites become more and more sophisticated. New development libraries and languages and design techniques means the finish line for a complete technical SEO solution is always moving, but with Oni on your site engaging in both consistant and cutting-edge technical SEO techniques, you’ll be ahead of your competition and set up for success. Some of our technical SEO efforts include:

  • On-page technical element fixes
  • Structured Data/Schema Audit and Implementation
  • Sitelinks, knowledge graph, custom review, etc.
  • Broken links clean up
  • 404 errors and redirects
  • Page speed recommendations
  • Sitemap updates and monitoring
  • Robots file review and updates
  • Best on-page technical elements
  • ADA audit
  • Open Graph/Twitter Card
  • Ongoing Technical Audits

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