April 26, 2017

Reputation Management

Reputation management for SEOWhat Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management involves everything from online star ratings on third-party sites, to comment threads and branded search query results. What is your company doing to stay informed of how people are speaking about your, your brand, service and product online? Start using positive reviews and comments to your advantage. Seek out influences and brand evangelists and amplify their message. Own the conversation, or at least manage how people talk about you with Oni Digital Marketing’s reputation management services.

What to Expect Oni’s Reputation Management

To manage the online reputation, ensure customer satisfaction and promote brand advocacy, Fathom will explore opportunities for “owning” branded search results.

“Own” Top Strategic Branded Search Queries
Create a strategy to identify and address branded search terms. Are you owning the top results for the most important branded searches, or are you relying on a third-party site to tell your story for you?
Improved Accuracy of Brand Information
If you’re not controlling the message through brand and reputation management online, then you’re leaving your business open for the perpetuation of bad information.
Organic Listing Increase
When you start to own your message and include additional reputation-improving elements, like curated ratings, and then implement the proper coded structure to promote them, you’ll begin to see your online ranking improve.
Increased Keyword Rankings
Own more of what matters in your branded search queries. Using the power of semantically related keyword terms, Oni can optimize for a branded keyword term and improve the rank of related terms.
Increase in Organic Page Visits
When people see positive messages and company interaction with any customer issues, they place more trust in your business and are more willing to interact with your brand.
Improved Conversion Rate
When you manage the message you have a greater ability to gain and grow trust. A more trusting consumer base is more likely to pay money for your product or services and drive online conversions.

How Oni Manages Your Online Reputation

Oni Digital Marketing places great effort on selecting specific strategies that work depending on the branded terms you want to own and keep. We’ll do only what works to give you the best chance to manage your online image. Our automated tools allow you to collect ratings directly from your site and prompt users to promote their positive experiences on third-party sites like Yelp, Google My Business and others, among other strategies.

  • Collect star ratings and automatically direct negative ratings directly to customer service, while properly promoting positive reviews
  • Audit existing organic search results for branded queries
  • Identify negative or inaccurate results
  • Create an action plan to influence negative results
  • Outranking third-party query results with native branded pages
  • Own local Google SERP results (Google My Business/Maps) and third-party directory sites
  • Reach out to third-party sites to address negative reviews

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