April 26, 2017

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO by Oni Digital MarketingWhat Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO practices are the bread and butter of any SEO agency. On-page search engine optimization includes everything from choosing the right keyword mix to ensure the right content speaks to the right user to making on-page technical recommendations so search engines know how to index your content. Without on-page optimization your content will never reach its potential. Here at Oni, we know how and why people search, let us optimize your existing content to ensure it amplifies its reach and does its job of educating and converting your users to action.

What to Expect From On-Page SEO

Oni Digital Marketing’s delivery of on-page recommendations are vital to ensuring website content delivers the optimal user experience. This can include recommendations and/or revisions to the content, meta data, headers, calls to action, schema, navigation, footer, breadcrumbs and alt tags, among other on-age SEO activities.

Increased Relevant Organic Traffic
By understanding how your customers are searching you can target your content – sometimes with minimal effort – to improve your organic reach.
Increased page views and quality site visits
More organic traffic to your site is great! But what about increased targeted traffic? With strategic on-page SEO recommendations you’ll find an improvement in quality traffic that converts.
Increased form fills and lead generation
Users who are properly targeted and are served up organic results that matter to them are many times more likely to convert than general, non-targeted visitors.
Improved engagement with top of the funnel content including resource pages, PDFs, blogs and news
With a content and keyword strategy, a business can target customers along any stage of the buyer cycle. Not everyone is ready to buy, some are just beginning their journey. Targeted on-page SEO strategies can give the right user the right message at the right time.
Improved conversion rate
Getting the right visitors to the right pages on your site greatly increases your chances of conversions. Oni can build a strategy that targets users across the expected need spectrum to ensure you’re showing them pages that convert.
Increased keyword rankings
Oni knows how, exactly, people are searching. We can target keywords at the local or national level and account for regional differences in search. Using our strategies to build your keyword list will help you rank higher for more keywords that matter.

How Oni Activates On-Page SEO Strategies

Oni has a proven cadence and strategy for winning with on-page SEO. While deceptively simple, the devil is in the details. We take the time to know your business, customer and specific value proposition. We then marry that information with well-documented SEO best practices and search psychology to ensure your existing pages rank well for searches that matter to your bottom line.

  • An on-page SEO strategy is built around key pages and keywords, with an eye toward bottom-line business goals
  • Specific age optimization opportunities are identified, mapped to keywords and prioritized for revisions
  • On-page recommendations are prioritized and delivered on a regular schedule
  • Optimized page URLs are submitted to search engines for indexing
  • Monthly monitoring and analysis of organic page performance and keyword rankings

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