April 26, 2017

Local SEO

Local SEO by Oni Digital MarketingWhat Is Local SEO?

Local SEO strategies are designed to drive organic search traffic within specific target markets to your site and brick and mortar business. If you have a message for a specific group of people in a particular location, then you need to be sure your message is in front of them. Why waste effort with a strategy that impacts a global audience when you want a patron in your state, city or neighborhood? Targeted local SEO helps get the right search results in front of the right people in the right place.

What to Expect From Local SEO

Oni Digital Marketing engages in local SEO tactics because they work! If you want to target local users and convert them into active consumers, local SEO is a necessity. So, what kind of results can you expect from local SEO efforts? Here at Oni, we see local SEO success in:

Hyper-Local and Geo-Targeted Keywords
Improved keyword and keyword phrase rankings at the local level – potentially down to the zip code level.
Local Three-Pack and Knowledge Graph
Local SEO allows for easier targeting of above the fold organic listings on search results pages — including local listing 3-pack and a locally targeted Knowledge Graph.
Third-Part Website Link Earning
Own listings on relevant third-party sites that not only add to your overall SEO value, but improve your rankings within a similar local footprint as the referring site, allowing you to leverage the referring site’s local SEO clout for your own ranking.
Drive Local Traffic
Local SEO efforts drive traffic at the DMA/locally targeted area. Cut out the clutter of users who are not right for your business and see visits increase from the areas you care about.
Qualified Conversions
By targeting specific areas with local SEO tactics and strategies, you’re going to drive more targeted traffic and improve your quality leads. If you’re tired of non-targeted and non-qualified leads, local SEO may be a good play for your success.

How Oni Activates Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO strategies abound, and Oni knows them all. We’ll leverage the right tactics to assure your locally targeted strategies reach the right people in the right place at the right time. A few of our favorite local SEO tactics include:

  • Name-Address-Phone audit and updates on third-party sites
  • Google My Business, Facebook, Apply Maps and other listing updates and optimization
  • Localized content creation, including, local pages, cases studies and blog posts
  • Content and schema creation to match location-based best practices
  • Technical audit of newly created section(s)
  • Hyper-localized linkback earning strategy

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