April 26, 2017

Link Earning

Link earning with Oni SEOWhat Is Link Earning?

Link earning, sometimes called link building, is the act of gaining links to your site via third-party websites. There’s no one perfect link earning strategy, but there are a lot of non-ideal strategies that can get brands in serious trouble with Google and other search engines. For awhile now, Google has led the charge in ensuring links earned are worth their value, placing great emphasis on quality of links over quantity. And we at Oni utilze whit hat techniques to ensure you gain links the right way.

What to Expect From Link Earning

There are myriad ways Oni engages in white-hat-only techniques when we help you earn links. Whether we help you engage in standard link earning via cold calling reach out or target linkback opportunities using our long list of well-targeted opportunities, Oni will help you earn quality links that make a difference to your online positioning.

Improved Domain Rank and Website Authority
According to Google, gaining additional, targeted, high-quality links has a direct impact on the quality of your site.
Better Local Ranking
Having regional sites link to your local business increases your keyword rank in those areas. If you’re a local brand, Oni looks to earn links in markets that matter to you.
Increased Organic Traffic
The more quality links point back to your site from well-respected third-party website the higher you’ll rank for specific search terms. Leverage these ranking increases to improved organic visitation metrics.
Increased Referral Traffic
While quality links to your site have a positive impact on your site’s keyword ranks, it also direclty helps improve true referral traffic via linking sites.
Improved Brand Awareness
The more sites share your message via links and content on their sites, the more your name and branding is amplified via these affiliated sites.

How Oni Gains High-Quality Backlinks

Oni targets links on relevant third-party sites through the creation of a custom link-earning strategies tailored to the brand’s specific website pages. Among the many linkback tactics, Oni helps your site gain links in the following ways:

  • Custom content creation
  • Broken link audits and clean up
  • Brand/Product/Solution mentions without links
  • Competitor link targeting
  • Relevant directory site submissions
  • Industry-specific targets (industry related publications, blogs, etc.)
  • Promotion of subject matter experts/influencer marketing
  • Leveraging high quality, industry specific content owned by your site

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