April 26, 2017

Keyword Tracking

Web analtyics for SEO insight with Oni MarketingWhat Is Keyword Tracking for SEO?

Keyword selection and tracking are integral to an effective SEO strategy. Deciding which keywords to optimize for and on which pages is only helpful if you track performance and understand the changing search needs of your audience as they navigation through the buyer’s funnel. At Oni, we choose and track the most effective keywords to drive your bottom line forward.

What to Expect From Keyword Tracking for SEO

Industry-specific keywords are tracked at a national, local or hyper-local search level on desktop and mobile devices. We choose what works and implement and track only those keywords that make a difference and drive a need. We look beyond the vanity metrics of rank and search volume and focus on tracking keywords that make an impact on your true business goals.

Keyword Selection and Tracking
Identify strategic branded and non-branded search queries, then compare the before and after implementation of Oni digital strategies.
Identify New Markets, Keywords and Content Opportunities
By constantly reviewing the keyword landscape, patterns and insights begin to emerge. Oni is quick to capitalize on trends and wins to ensure your business remains top of search and top of mind for your customers.
Competitor Insights
Not only does Oni track your keywords pre- and post-implementation, as well as using our research to mine potential new keywords for increasing organic market-share, we also look to see what your competitors are doing and how we can leverage their weaknesses to strengthen your organic market position.

How Oni Tracks the Right Keywords

Oni Digital Marketing gets to know your business needs and challenges, as well as what your ideal customer looks like. We then utilize our tools and industry insights to understand how your current and potential customers are searching for you and your product or service. Knowing how your clients search and delivering content and a website experience they expect is among the key drivers to business success.

  • Review existing keyword rankings, including competitor and relevant industry content
  • Review search queries driving relevant traffic to website
  • Track keywords by location and device
  • Track keywords individually and as groups
  • Track existing competitors and associated keywords
  • Map keywords to relevant website URLs, content pieces and calls to action

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