April 26, 2017

Content Creation

SEO content creation and writing with Oni MarketingWhat Is Content Creation?

Search Engine Optimization will always be closely tied to content. Because fresh, relevant indexed content is critical for continued organic success, Oni’s SEO strategy includes the creation of Oni-produced content and/or direction for content strategy. But here at Oni, we look beyond just the written word, as content takes many forms, from video and podcasts to infographics and micrographics and beyond — they all should play a part in your online search strategies.

What to Expect From New Content Creation

Too many companies and agencies measure their effectiveness by the volume of content they put out. At Oni, we strongly believe in quality content over the sheer volume. Most companies, if they are looking, know that only a handful of pages are doing the heaving lifting of attracting and engaging visitors, and even fewer pieces are driving online conversions. At Oni, we believe in only doing what works, and that includes the time-intensive task of creating fresh, new content that captures search market share and entices users to click and convert on your site.

Increased Relevant Organic Traffic
Understanding who your customers are and where they are in the buying cycles helps Oni to better target users with custom-crafted content. You’ll see not just more traffic, but more targeted traffic.
Improvement In Quality Onsite Visits
The quality of a visit not only helps your business, but it helps your rank. The more action people take on your site, the more valuable search engines see your website. Utilize Oni’s strategies to have targeted visitors take targeted actions to improve your conversions and rank.
Increased keyword ranking
Targeting keywords to rank for via strategic content creation and implementation is a strong strategic play for most brands. Let Oni leverage its knowledge of search psychology to build content with the intent of earning and building rank for strategic keywords.

How Oni Creates New Content for Organic Search

Here at Oni, we don’t just crank out content in order to build volume. Instead, we at Oni take the time to build strategy before writing a single word of content. Too many agencies and companies gauge success by the volume of content and don’t pay attention to what works. Oni’s data-first strategy that relies on well-directed pre-work will help you assure success in your online content efforts.

  • Content gap analysis to discover missing content in relation to customer journey
  • New onsite to fit within the existing site structure pages, including navigational pages, product pages, service pages and resource pages
  • New creative content, including articles, blog posts and news pieces
  • Landing pages and conversion pages
  • Infographics and interactive pieces
  • Generate high-quality content that gains independent third-party website backlinks
  • Localized content to capture local search intent

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