April 26, 2017

Competitor Analysis

SEO competitor insight by Oni Digital MarketingWhat Is Competitor Analysis?

Knowing what your competition is doing and where they’re weakest can give you the edge you need in winning customers. Too often, companies online aren’t even aware of their true competitors. Don’t get locked into traditional thinking, more than just your direct competitors are vying for the same search terms. Look to see who’s stealing market value from you and engage in the right organic strategies to gather insights and beat your competitors for the same business.

What to Expect From Competitor Insights

Find out what your competitors are doing and why they’re doing it. A true analysis uncovers not only competitor strengths, but also their weaknesses. Use this information to overtake them in the world of organic search and build your customer base by exploiting their oversights. Oni’s insights not only allow you to view and monitor competitors head to head against your efforts, but we often find additional competitors in the space that you may not be aware of.

Improve Your Market Share
Increase your market share by decreasing the share your competitors currently capture. Oni increases your online footprint by capturing organic traffic currently being owned by your competitors.
Uncover New Opportunities
Discover new markets and organic traffic opportunities by seeing what’s working for your competitors and co-opting tactics and outperforming your competition by using their strategies against them.
Catch Competitors in Black Hat SEO
If you’ve ever wondered how or why a competitor is out ranking you for a specific term, it could be due to black hat SEO. Don’t let them steal market share without earning it. Oni can find illegal strategies and report them to search engines to ensure they’re properly handled in results.
Gain Insight Into How You Stack Up Organically
Knowing how your competitors are performing organically can provide a lot of perspective on your own activities. Are you placing focus in the right areas? Are your competitors taking advantage of your weaknesses? Oni can help you find out.
Find new competitors stealing your market share
Your competitors may not be who you think they are. Use Oni’s insights to see who you’re really cometitng against for search results.

How Oni Tracks and Reports On Your Competitors

Oni can track organic efforts, including links and keyword performance, across multiple domains, including competitors. Additionally, Oni Digital Marketing audits competitor sites and search results for opportunities that can be leveraged to win market share on a regular basis.

  • Competitor keyword tracking
  • Competitor content and keyword audits
  • Competitor link audits
  • Leverage organic opportunities where competitors are weakest
  • Overtake competitors for high-value terms via targeted SEO strategies
  • Evolve SEO strategies to grow into new markets

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